* Nominee of International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England (I.B.C.)
* A subject of biographical record in Who`s Who in the World (16th Edition, 1999)
* Member of International Federation of Artists and national Artist`s Union of Russia (I.F.A.)
* The deserved figure of arts of Turkmenistan

I`d like to read the Chinese treatise "About the mystery of the painting". The first its axiom is - "Shun vulgarity. Shun vulgarity and corruptin". I would write in addition here - shun imitation. The true artist, as I think to my mind is the selfdeveloping phenomenon that must perfect oneself.

But here there is necessary conditions. You may paint in oils perfectly, but it is do not mean that you to know together with it the secrets of creation the true work of art. I believe that every work of art takes as a principle the "Thought", the "Ideas". A painter searches on the canvas
language on that he could express oneself this "Thought", this "Idea". An artist that searching in his creative work the Though under the cargo of public opinion and itself society early or late would come to the Simbolism, but could it as ideal he would come even to such the idiom, the artist language, which will be clear for the mind and to senses of spectators, but it would not
impossible reproduce by the literature means.

In order that the work of art would touch the hearts of spectators the artist must overcrowd oneself by problems of the global size he must not be affraid on that chance to lose his national face. The genetic code would have just worked instead him clearly and would have took him on his native land and in the bossom his evenlittle people. It is impossible to decieve the Native. The artist as on personality have to perfect oneself in his art only in that case he contributes the rich grain in the spiritual culture of all mankind. To do a man by the man it is a final aim of creative
activities of artists. And the painting here is without exeption.


A series of works, devoted to tragical event on
September 11 in New York and Washington (USA).


1944 -
born in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
1969 -
studied in Fine arts college in Ashgabat.
From 1973 -
participated in Republican, All-Union and foreign exibitions.
1977 -
member of the Union of Artists, USSR.
1988 -
personal exibition in Ashgabat.
1989 -
part in Asian Biennale in Bangladesh.
1990 -
personal exibition in Alma-Ata.
1990 -
part in Biennale in Baku. Participated in exibitions in Denmark, Turkey, Syria.
1991 -
participated in the Fine Arts international Fair held in London.
1991 -

participated in the Fine Arts international Fair held in Tokyo,
where alongside with works of modern artists the works of such masters
of art as Kandinsky, Picasso, Daly, Miro, Matisse, Buffe, Shagal, Tamayo,
Van Gogh, Flaming, Pissaro, Rodchenko, Lentulov
and others were exibited.

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